Natural gemstones have been used as an alternative treatment method for centuries. They had been formed by unifications of several minerals as an outcome of the evolutional processes of the nature, and gained the power of effecting human spiritually and physically by reaching a particular level of energizing. Insomuch that some gemstones are used to be evaluated for industrial activities.
In this sense, as Dr. Stone, by producing jewelleries and ornaments with our designs that we add unique features to the contemporary fashion; we either satisfy the fashion accessory needs of the people or fulfill their requirement for spiritual and physical benefits,regarding the gemstones’ % 100 natural features.
All the items we produce are made by manual labor and all materials are top quality . Our motto at this point is to present the quality, handicraft and genuineness to the consumers, with optimal prices.
We are able to produce items made of gold, silver or gold plating or silver plating on copper, in accordance with the requests of our customers. Our production capability is not finite in one category.
We have a wide range of designs from exclusive products to unique items or item groups to be combined with daily garments. Dr. Stone is an enterprise that reflects fashion by naturalness, with the slogan of “Curative Effect of Fashion” and offers possibility to use unique accessories that also carries signs of contemporary, and to get spiritual and physical benefits out of the special stones.

Our Company

TurGroup Inc. was founded for the purpose of operating at the construction sector and has undertook several official and proprietary projects. By the year 2003, TurGroup has started activities in furniture sector and has been merchandising many kinds of products through Middle East countries and all over the World. In the year of 2005, TurGroup has stepped to the sector of fashion too, created the brand “Dr. Stone” and started marketing the manual labor production of ornaments and jewelleries through the global market.

Dr. Stone has introduced unique designs from natural gemstones and gone beyond factory-made production by bringing out an extra ordinary point of view to the fashion. Dr. Stone has moved by the goal of introducing the genuine designs made by manual labor made of semiprecious stones with optimal prices.

TurGroup Inc. that takes providing quality and customer satisfaction as a primary goal at any category, has enlarged its activity area and became prominent in international markets.